You are warmly welcome to take part in 5 exciting days, which will help you integrate into new culture faster. The University of Bielsko-Biala is organizing a welcoming session from 3rd to 7th October, which includes activities, lectures and workshops.
The first part of the week includes “Getting know each other” days, lectures and workshops about Bielsko-Biala and Poland, meeting with your coordinators and lessons of “Survival Polish”, which are quite helpful in everyday routine. The rest of the week is more about travelling around and seeing places, not just listening about that. During two days we will show you the city of your stay and beautiful neighborhoods. You will get more detailed information on 3rd of October at 1 pm in the University campus.

The first day of session includes games and exercise aiming to welcome you at the new place. The main idea is to get to know each other, share cultures and get know each other.
On second day will be given more information about place of your stay during Erasmus+. There will be presented numerous lectures and workshops about University, advantages of Poland and its current place in Europe. Poland has an unique culture developed by early Slavs and Catholicism , as well as had influence by closest neighbors such as Germanic and Byzantine in early times. Besides the lectures, you are supposed to meet with faculties Erasmus+ coordinators, which will guide you during your stay.
There will be numerous workshops and lectures of so called survival Polish language 5th of October. These activities are very useful for your future routine contacts with local people and it helps in bus, shops or cafés.

On Thursday there is no need to go to University, city of Bielsko-Biała is the main subject. There will be a guided tour around, meeting with the Promotion Manager in the Town Hall. Originally it belongs to Municipal Societies and several other Bielsko-Biała institutions and housing officials. In second part of 20th century the Mayor, City Council and part of the departments of the Municipal Office are located there.
Next in tour is a visit the famous Sulkowski Duke’s Castle. The Castle is the oldest and largest construction with historical importance. It consists of Zamok (castle itself), Stara Fabryka (former clothes factory), Dom Tkacza (outside exhibition) and café.

Lovely neighborhoods and cities around Bielsko-Biała deserves your attention as well. On Friday you are invited to beautiful city of to check the ancient Castle with museum and the Żar Mountain. The first step is to reach the top of mountain and enjoy the nature. There are many picturesque views, where you can take photos, enjoy the view, check the artificial lake and take part in funny competition on saneczkowy (sledge). The next step is to visit the Castle and museum downhill. The museum’s permanent expositions contains historical documents, costumes, antique furniture and other memorabilia.

Ekaterina Vasileva
Dagmara Mika PhD
Academic Exchange Office

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09 September 2019
Company LLC „PHILADELPHIA-TOUR” is a partner recruitment company of the University of Bielsko-Biala for Middle East area.
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12 June 2018
1) This announcement is NOT for Erasmus+ or other students
2) This announcement is ONLY for full studies candidates and recruiters, academic year 2018/2019.
3) Only full sets of documents will be processed. See the list:
4) Candidates will receive the Offer Letter for the Embassy meeting.
5) Candidates with positive results from the Embassy meeting gets the Acceptance Letter.
6) All documents from University of Bielsko-Biala for completed applications are send on Fridays.

See the calendar below:
22nd of June, Friday
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6th of July, Friday
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