CAUTION! According to the new Rectors Regulation tuition fees for the academic year 2017/2018 at the University of Bielsko-Biala will be presented soon.
Fees for foreigners for BA and MA studies depend on faculty and area of studies. 

Information about fees for foreign students for academic year 2017/2018



Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

 Automatics and Robotics 1st    Polish
 Computer Science 1st    Polish
 Mechanical Engineering 1st    Polish
 Management and Production Engineering 1st    Polish
 Computer Science 2nd    Polish
 Mechanical Engineering 2nd    Polish
 Management and Production Engineering 2nd    Polish

Faculty of Materials, Civil and Environmental Engineering

 Civil Engineering 1st    Polish
 Environmental Engineering 1st    Polish
 Environmental Protection 1st    Polish
 Textile Engineering 1st    Polish
 Materials Engineering 1st    Polish
 Environmental Engineering 2nd    Polish
 Textile Engineering 2nd    Polish

Faculty of Management and Transport

 Sociology 1st    Polish
 Transport 1st    Polish
 Management 1st    Polish
 Management 2nd    Polish
 International Management 2nd    English!

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


 English Philology 1st    English
 Spanish Philology 1st    Spanish
 Slavic Languages (Croatian, Czech, Russian Philology) 1st    Croatian, Czech, Russian, Polish
 Polish Philology 1st    Polish
 Pedagogy 1st    Polish
 English Philology 2nd    
 Spanish Philology 2nd    
 Slavic Languages (Croatian, Czech, Russian Philology) 2nd    
 Polish Philology 2nd    Polish
 Pedagogy 2nd    Polish

Faculty of Health Sciences

 Nursing 1st    Polish
 Emergency Medicine 1st    Polish
 Nursing 2nd    Polish


For foreign students who are planning to study at the University of Bielsko-Biała we offer Polish language course.
This language course consists of 600 teaching hours and lasts one academic year (so called “0” year ). The cost of the Polish language course depends on the number of participants. For the group of 10 students the cost is 1 000 euro per year (500 euro per semester).
The recruitment fee for all students is 82 PLN.

Dagmara Mika PhD
Institutional Coordinator for Internships and Education Advisory
Academic Exchange Office

Presenatation about Our University

25 April 2017
Erasmus+ team keeps exploring the Silesian region around Poland.

This time team has visited Pszczyna city and castle museum, as well as famous bisons' park.

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25 April 2017
Happy to announce that our new tradition of International Dinners is very successful!

This time the name of the dinner was "Easter dinner", due to the forthcoming Easter celebration in Poland. However, as International team, we are happy to cook and try all dishes from all countries.

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