Master's Degree Programme in Computer Science

The University of Bielsko-Biala has a pleasure to offer an interdisciplinary list of courses in English for international students.
Dear Students! Arrange your Learning Agreement in a convenient and easy way – choose the subjects from appriopriate categories: mechanical engineering, engineering, metrology, computer science / environmental sciences, material sciences / transport, logistic, information technology /philologies, culture, literature, pedagogy / economic and social sciences to create the best programme of study for you!
If you have any questions please contact with your departmental coordinator, who can help you in composing your study programme. Students who will study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science please choose only those subjects, which are provided by the faculty.
See you in Bielsko-Biala!

Courses in English
Please notice that the requirement level for English is B1.

1. Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, Metrology, Computer Science
List of courses with detailed description -

2. Environmental Sciences, Material Sciences
List of courses - download
    Detailed description of courses - download

3. Transport, Logistic, Information Technology
List of courses - download
    Detailed description of courses - download

4. Economic and Social Sciences
List of courses -  download
    Detailed description of courses - 1-49 - download
    Detailed description of courses - 50-67 - download

5. Philologies, Culture, Literature, Pedagogy
    List of courses - download
    Detailed description of courses - download

Courses in Spanish
Gramática descriptiva de la lengua española
Historia y cultura de los países hispanohablantes/ Temas seleccionados de historia y cultura de los países hispanohablantes
Historia de literatura hispanoamericana / Literatura hispanoamericana
Español de turismo
Español de negocios
Español coloquial
Historia de la lengua española con elementos de gramática histórica
Comunicación para los negocios en español
Español como lengua extranjera – gramática (nivel B2+)
Español como lengua extranjera – escritura de textos académicos (nivel B2+)
Español como lengua extranjera – conversación (nivel B2+)
Español como lengua extranjera – lenguaje especializado (nivel B2+)
Teorías contemporáneas de la traducción/ Temas seleccionados de la traductología
Literatura no ficcional en español/Entre ficción y no ficción. Hibridación genérica de la literatura hispánica actual
Literatura comparada
We also offer you Polish Language Classes
Polish for beginners
Polish for beginners II - continuation

University of Bielsko-Biala in a nutshell

07 March 2021
Student Housing
The University of Bielsko-Biała offers you offers single, double and triple rooms in the Student Dormitory. Each room is equipped with a wardrobe, a table, a chair, a refrigerator and bed linen (to be changed every 3 weeks). Wi-Fi is included in the price.

Common spaces:
The spacious kitchens have two sinks, two slabs and they are fully equipped. Bathrooms are common for residents of 4 rooms. Every morning, special personnel cleans the common areas and corridors. A shared laundry room with two washing machines is available on the ground floor. There is a telephone on each floor.

There are also two common rooms
- a TV room
- a room with billiards and table football.
Cost of living in the furnished rooms:
Place in a 3-bed room - 470 PLN per month
Place in a 2-bed room - 500 PLN per month
Place in the room for one - 540 PLN per month

The winter semester starts on 1st October. The proposal date of checking in the dormitory starts from 29th of September. 
The summer semester starts on 22nd of February. The proposal date of checking in the dormitory starts from 20th of February.
Note that number of rooms is limited. Do not delay the application process.

Method of Payment 
Accommodation can be paid for ATH cash desk (kasa) at Willowa 2, at the campus, the building B or at the post office (poczta).You can also pay at the dormitory’s administration office. Payment should be made in cash before the 15th day of each month.

At the beginning foreign students are asked to pay a refundable deposit for accommodation in the amount of about 150 PLN. The deposit will be returned to the students before their departure if there is no necessity to pay for any damage caused.
Download file: 
Housing Request Form - study
Housing Request Form
 - traineeship

Student Dormitory (in Polish: Dom Studenta)
ul. Spółdzielców 11
43-303 Bielsko-Biała

+ 48 33 827-96-50
+ 48 604-087-842
How to get to the dormitory from the main train station (Bielsko-Biała Główna) or from the main bus station
Bus number: 16 (direction: Wapienica Zapora)
From bus stop: Warszawska Dworzec
To bus stop: Cieszyńska Hulanka
You can buy tickets in the kiosk (next to the train station or at the bus stop) or from the bus driver. Please note that tickets bought from the bus driver are more expensive. Remember to clip your ticket in the bus.

To find out more click here.

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24 February 2021
Partner Institutions

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The University of Bielsko-Biala cooperates with many academic centres and research institutes all over the world to build partnerships to help better the experience for students. The number of bilateral agreements is growing rapidly each year – nowadays we have over 100 Erasmus+ agreements in EU and beyond, as well as about 50 bilateral agreements covering scientific and educational cooperation with foreign partners. read more>
22 February 2021
Course Cataloge in Russian
Are you a speaker of the Russian language? This course catalog will help you to pick up a study programme that fits your interest. Bear in mind that the courses are held in Polish except for MA in International Business and MSc in Computer Science that are held in English.  read more>
17 February 2021